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Taking Care of Your Teenager


As a parent, there is nothing quite as remarkable as watching your child go through the different development stages and come into their own. You’ve held their hands as they took their first steps, brought them to their first day of school, and have been their biggest cheerleader as they try their different passions, whether sports, music, academics etc.  Yet perhaps the most daunting phase to navigate as a parent and child are the teen years.


Teenagers are in such a unique place in their life, one that is often misunderstood by friends, teachers and family. As they are experiencing rapid physical, emotional, and social changes, there is often a wide array of behaviors that accompany as they try their best to articulate the ups-and-downs of this season of their life. As a parent, it is important that amongst the mood swings, rebellion, and heightened emotions, you keep talking to your teen. Let them know that you care about the things that matter to them, and don’t minimize the gravity of what they are feeling. As parents, we often minimize to help our teens see the bigger picture, and provide hope. Yet this often conveys to our teen that we think what they are feeling is excessive and invalid, and can keep them from sharing later on. Structure is also important for your teen, and while they will test the boundaries frequently, keeping their curfews, bedtimes, homework hours and recreation times appropriately flexible but regular is helpful as they slowly learn to make their own healthy decisions.

Parenthood with all of its blessings can be challenging, and at times overwhelming. If your child is displaying tearfulness, aversion to friends and family, isolation, anger, trouble with school, pervasive worry and anxiety, lashing out, sadness, increased or decreased sleep or appetite….counseling can help. Teens often find the counselor-client relationship very helpful, as they are able to convey feelings that they may not be able to articulate to friends and family. Your counselor will help your teen develop coping skills for the stressors that are relevant in their lives, establish healthy communication, and increase self esteem.

The Wellness Collective sees teens regularly, and can be a valuable asset as you support your teenager. Call today to discuss how we may be a benefit to your family!




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