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Pregnancy & Depression


Having a child is supposed to be one of the most joyous times in a woman’s life. Your new bundle of joy promises to bring new dreams and excitement for you and your new family. Yet at times, the pregnancy experience can bring unexpected and overwhelming feelings of sadness and anxiety. Depression can develop during and after a pregnancy, and can prove to be devastating for a new mom and her family. In fact, many are surprised to know that up to 25% of women will experience depression at some point during their pregnancy experience. It is important that you know what to look for, and where to turn should you begin to feel the symptoms.


Postpartum Depression is the most prevalent issue experienced by women during pregnancy (Gjerdingen, 2003).


Perinatal and Postpartum Depression display many of the same symptoms, the only distinguishing difference being when the symptoms begin to develop. Perinatal Depression occurs during a pregnancy; while Postpartum Depression onsets after delivery. This is usually around the fifth week, but it can occur anytime within the first year after a birth.


Mothers may feel any of the below symptoms on a spectrum of severity:

• Diminished pleasure
• Decreased or Increased sleep
• Decreased or Increased appetite
• Hopelessness
• Sadness
• Inability to concentrate.
• Body aches, irritability, anxiety,
• Tearfulness
• General feeling of helplessness
• Guilt
• Isolation
• Low Libido, Emotional Intimacy
• Paranoia
• Disturbing Visions
• Apathy or Over-attentiveness towards the child


There are times when signs of depression are mistaken for “normal” feelings of pregnancy. Gone unacknowledged or untreated, these same feelings can progress into a more pronounced depression after the delivery. Studies show up to 65% of women who battle Postpartum Depression actually had facets of depression during their pregnancy that went undiagnosed. One of the most empowering things a mother and father can do while pregnant is address these feelings. An additional benefit of determining whether moms are encountering signs of emotional changes is that it allows both parents to prepare for the exciting time that lies ahead, as well as recognize the emotional shifts that can be anticipated and the ability to seek out counseling before the postpartum period. Counseling is proven to be a highly effective treatment course in subsiding the debilitating symptoms of depression during and after a pregnancy, and getting you back to feeling yourself.


Maternal Depression is Highly Treatable!


As a mother, you deserve to be able to enjoy the moments that accompany the birth of your baby. You have everything you need to be a wonderful parent, yet depression is irrespective of race, status, culture, or circumstance. When these feelings arise, one of the most precious gifts you can give you and your family is to allow time for yourself as an individual and a mom. You deserve the same self-care as you are giving to others. Reach out, you are never alone.


For women who are currently pregnant, The Wellness Collective will accompany you through your pregnancy journey and the crucial postpartum portion. We will educate you and your partner on awareness, prevention and treatment of perinatal depression and do relationship strengthening during this intimate time. For our new moms, we are committed to easing the tremendous transitions of the period. We even make home visits!


You are not alone. If you are feeling symptoms of depression during your pregnancy or after your delivery, call 248.387.9188 immediately to begin feeling like yourself again.




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