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Does Your Relationship Need a Tune Up?


I read a fascinating blurb by actress Sela Ward in Redbook Magazine recently. Discussing the secret to her and her husband’s secret to their satisfying 18 year marriage it reads…


“Therapy”, she says without hesitation. I told my husband if we are going to stay married you and I will both be in therapy. We mostly go separately, but if we’re bumping up against an issue we’ll go together. We dump all of our stuff there so we don’t dump it on each other. I think everybody has to be in therapy to be truly conscious. It’s only when your conscious about your behavior, your expectations and your reaction to another person that you can really have a healthy relationship.”


What an awesome concept, using counseling not solely as remedial when things have gotten too bad in our relationships, but as preventative. As Americans, we take our car in for regular oil changes so nothing goes wrong later down the road. We watch our weight to offset the chance of diabetes later in our years. Yet most of the couples I see come when things are a little too far beyond repair in their eyes. They thought somehow things would just get better by itself…that the flat tire would refill with air on its own.


No cigar. Loving someone well takes skill and intention, and it takes a lifetime to do so. Learning the twists and turns of your relationship doesn’t have to be filled with pain if it is approached with all hands on deck, and in a timely manner. If you desire to feel more connected to your mate, if you have a sense there could be more in store for your relationship… don’t wait until intimacy has turned cold, or arguments have become too hot to take care of your union. Affair-proof your partnership, and enjoy the benefits that come with cultivating more emotional intimacy through counseling.


The Grass isn’t Greener on the Other Side. The Grass is Greener Where You Choose To Water It….




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